“Imagine seeing, hearing and experiencing the voice, the look, the songs of Barbra Streisand and not having to travel but as far as your own home town theater!” Well, imagine no more…




Sharon Owens takes her audience on a journey through the Streisand years – – 60’s Broadway, 70’s Disco, and 80’s Films. Captivating them with such favorites as, Don’t Rain on My Parade, The Way We Were, Evergreen, Woman In Love, Somewhere, and People, her beautiful rendition of “My Yiddishe Momme” even touches the hearts of the Gentiles!

With both women being very “Jewish,” you will laugh, cry, chuckle at Sharon’s precise interpretation of the infamous Streisand, and be amazed as their personas intertwine. Sharon also brings a few of her own stories to life, and dedicates the Yentl segment to her own father who passed away very young. 

Acclaimed as “the best tribute artist,” you will feel as though you’ve spent an enchanted evening with Barbra, and made a new friend named Sharon – who is a talented entertainer and star in her own right…

Whether you are a Streisand fan or not, we promise you will love Sharon’s tribute! 



With a staggering vocal range of over three full octaves, her uncanny resemblance and spot-on vocal match to Streisand’s tone has landed her international films, commercials, TV shows and stage performances. Over a three-decade career, Owens has passionately pursued and achieved a slew of artistic goals, consistently reinventing her tribute to Streisand in order to break new creative grounds in the entertainment industry.

Singing has always been an essential part of Sharon’s life; it was the way she expressed herself best. “My father said less talk, more singing…which now, makes me chuckle, because many have said the same about the REAL Streisand,” says Sharon. “I communicate much better by singing, rather than speaking; unless of course, I am given a script, then the actress in me will take over”



Sharon Owens

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