Upon graduating from High School in 1984, Sharon shot off on her way into the real world of touring with American Entertainment Company in Columbus Ohio. A year on the road opening for country acts such as the Mandrells, Letterman, Willie Nelson, Sharon decided to stop the rolling stone and get her education before returning to the Entertainment biz. During her studies, she spent many summers in Cambridge, England, where she studied under John Rutter, the famous 20th century composer. During the school year, Sharon would study Opera during the day then run to her night gig, where she sang and danced in the Busch Gardens Main Theater in Tampa Bay Florida.

After years of vocal training and a strong Masters of Education under her belt, Sharon took off for Los Angeles to pursue a career in ANYTHING that had to do with Entertainment. “I took a job singing and waiting on tables,” Sharon remembers. “It was in the cabarets where I first learned that I could mimic Streisand. People always thought I was funny. My family was funny, in a Jewish sort of way. My first try at Streisand was in LA when the producer hired me to sing a powerful yet emotional rendition of ‘He Touched Me.’ The pianist ran his hands in a glisando over the keys and I swirled my head around in the perfect Streisand pose, hands wide, nails long and my eyes obviously and overly crossed. He tahhhwchet me… he put his hands near mine and then….he TAAAAAWCHET ME! (As Brooklyn as you can get.) It was the start of a perfect imitation.”

Sharon didn’t realize at the time that she was to become a pioneer in the tribute business. Unlike many of the other impersonators who are “lookalikes,” she didn’t study voice and acting simply to be called a tribute artist. “Imitating Streisand became an acting job,” she insists. “So many movies have been made where famous actors immerse themselves into their movie character and then tell a life story of the REAL person, I simply do the same thing, but on stage.”


Soon after starting out as a dynamic mimic of the incomparable Streisand, Sharon began to take the comedy routine more seriously. She honed her Brooklyn accent, studied Streisand’s intense vocal sounds and spent hours recreating her look with gorgeous gowns. In the 15 years of her career, she has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, and in People Magazine. She also starred in a ABC’s reality show, “The Next Best Thing.”

sharon_headshot_3Winning the Fox TV show, “Performing As…” propelled Sharon’s career. Her national success has created a whirlwind of Barbra fans waiting to see her famous tribute.

In addition to performing solo, Sharon and her business partner and dear friend, Sebastian Anzaldo (aka Frank) have an internationally success show, “Barbra and Frank, The Concert That Never Was!” This popular duo can be seen on the Las Vegas strip (where they have performed for over eight years), and in theaters, and corporate events as far away as Holland, Belgium, China, Canada, Germany, Australia, UK, New Zealand and Vietnam! See:

What Sharon says about herself doing a tribute to Barbra…

It is an honor to tribute such an amazing, talented, gifted and giving philanthropist. A woman who paved the way for so many woman who dare to dream big!

Who’s Who…

Although the Real Streisand has been known to be very outspoken in politics, Sharon thinks “deficit spending” is what she owes on her credit card.

Neither Streisand or Sharon have had a nose job… but both should.

Sharon is exactly one month older than Jason Elliot Gould, Streisands only son.

sharon-owens-hand-on-headSome funny things…

My youngest son Chad, when he was in kindergarten in Las Vegas, told his teacher that his mom was Barbra Streisand. When I went to the first parent teacher conference, the teacher was ready with her camera! Of course, to be totally confused when I arrived.

My oldest son attended many of my early concerts with Legends. Hes one of the only children I know who could bring a picture of himself and Elvis to show and tell.

Both my boys are the only two kids in the world who knew all the words to People.


Send in the Clowns // Recorded Live in Holland
  1. Send in the Clowns // Recorded Live in Holland
  2. A Piece of Sky // Recorded Live in Holland
  3. My Man // Recorded Live in Holland
  4. Papa Can You Hear Me // Recorded Live in Holland
  5. Second Hand Rose & Don’t Rain On My Parade // Recorded Live in Holland
  6. The Main Event // Recorded Live in Holland
  7. The Way We Were // Recorded Live in Holland